Mentors & Coaches

Kim Thompson – Founder

30 years experience in mentoring & coaching, uniting educational establishments & businesses / non-profit to empower & provide employment opportunities

Member of: London Chambers Of Commerce, Hidden Science Academy, African Disapora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC), Black Business Association (BBA)


Our Team

Kim Thompson – Founder

My name is Kim Thompson.  Proud founder and CEO of ‘United We Rise Uk’ using my life skills, expertise gained over the years to empower guide and support others with funding/sponsorship along with anything else required to enable you to progress  to become your better self as I truly believe you can be whatever you want to be, given the right tools and guidance regardless of past childhood trauma experienced.

Being a survivor of child sex abuse, experienced narcissistic behavioural tendencies, domestic violence, emotional/physical and mental abuse and having been a qualified Trauma Mentor/Coach for the last 30yrs I take pride and am extremely passionate about delivering holistic natural remedies to eradicate stress and trauma related issues. My Team are extremely experienced in their field of expertise and together we deliver holistic, natural, spiritual guidance to heal you from within.

Anne-Marie Wickham

BA (Hons) Dip Adv Hyp., founder of the Essex Hypnotherapy Centre, is a certified master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Life Coach, DISC trainer and Empowerment & Confidence Workshop Facilitator with a wealth of work and life experience in the area of personal development and achievement. Anne-Marie’s passion for personal development stems from her 18 year career in Teaching, Children Looked After Outreach, Early Years Child Psychology, Early Years Social Development and working as an Early Years Consultant and Nursery Manager.   

Yolanda Lear

Author released her first book November last year

‘The Journey to An Undefeated Mind’ inspired by her own personal battles fighting against Mental Health. Realising how lonely the journey was she wanted to offer support to others going through Mental Health to realise the power we hold as individuals and that we are all capable of overcoming our battles.


When business professionals feel frustrated and on the brink of burnout, they turn to Aimee Worlds.
Aimee works with her clients to help them recognize and remove the obstacles and habits that keep them from
feeling a sense of satisfaction in their work and personal lives. Then she helps them to redirect their energy and get
As a result, her clients gain clarity, heal from past traumas, feel a greater sense of purpose, and become healthier
versions of themselves.
Aimee is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Hypnotherapist. She has over two decades of leadership experience
in the construction, financial and technology industries.
She was recognized and awarded for her leadership and contributions to the overall performance of a tech startup
that she was able to position, groom, and make attractive to larger tech companies for acquisition.
Because she has experience working with professionals from a cross section of industries, she is able to connect
with, collaborate and bring out the best in everyone she serves.
If your goal is to be the best version of yourself, Aimee will help you add color to your world.

Chantelle Johnson

I Am Somebody, is a mentoring & empowerment program for young people and adults. We provide school-based mentoring programs covering the following:  self-esteem, social skills, mentoring, mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing in external social and lifestyle workshops and a annual business enterprise project.

We also provide Trauma and Mental Health support via 1:1 & group workshops, under the specialist program ‘Ariel’s Wish’ The program supports young people who have been affected by Trauma and Mental Health, in the following areas, abuse, self-harm, grief and bullying.
The program provides wellbeing & mindfulness strategies, practical and emotional support and we offer sign posting and referrals to the best services that support our young people. 


Regina Santos

Regina is a Pilates instructor of Contrology, Chopra meditation teacher and a well-being coach. She is also a student of yoga. Her eight certifications point to a single purpose: that everything is connected. The way we move, the way we rest, and the way we nourish ourselves, all contribute to the quality of our lives. 
She coaches clients to connect to their literal and spiritual core, to move from it, to understand it as their true essence. She works with her clients to strengthen these connections, to enhance pliability, to create adaptability; and to ultimately harness this overall power to find their personal fulfilment, resilience and joy. 
Regina loves to make nice things, having authored a cookbook and created iconic pendants in the past.  She recently created the Pilates on Deck of exercise cards for convenient, on-demand, off-device, classical mat pilates workouts. Find it on Etsy!  The choices we make throughout the day all depend on our mindset. Our nutrition, relationships, and performance at work and home are all dictated what’s important to us. If you want to reach fulfilment and obtain a strong sense of achievement, your mindset must align with your values for your actions to follow.

​Regina supports your discipline and focus in making sure your actions match your intentions, and that your intentions are aligned with what’s important to you. She holds credentials in Behavioural Change and Nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is an Associate Credentialed Coach of Co-Active Coaching and the International Coach Federation. 


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